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German VAT ID
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Assemble data and documents for your German VAT ID registration now.

Pay when you're done.


Immediately Start Your VAT Registration

No time to lose? Here is my service to immediately start working on your VAT registration for Germany. I moved my questionnaire online. Following the link below, you will get to a typeform questionnaire. It will guide you through answering the most important questions to create the registration forms. Thus, you may immediately start assembling all necessary data. Only if you successfully provide all necessary data may you decide to submit the form and pay. The price to process the submitted data and documents is Price: $115 (net)

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Presented by Dirk Schmidt-Waerdt M.A., CEO at
LS Easy Language Publishing, Germany

Dirk Schmidt has been a business translator and business developer for more than seven years. He has translated forms and developed online questionnaires to facilitate working with the German bureaucracy.


His customers' favourite service is his service on VAT registration. In addition to up to 14 pages of forms and mandatory attachments, supplement forms and the right tax office out of 600 in Germany must be identified.

Identifying the right forms, documents, and tax office can start now. Just follow the link. Dirk will eventually contact you with questions and reply with the forms ready to submit as PDF files.

Pay in the end when you're done and want to submit. 
Price: 115 € (net)

This Instant Service Includes

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I have a question about this service...

Thanks for submitting!

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What is a VAT ID?

A VAT ID is a unique identification number assigned to businesses registered for Value-Added Tax (VAT) purposes. E-commerce businesses need a VAT ID to comply with tax regulations and charge and collect VAT from their customers. To obtain a German VAT ID, businesses must register with their responsible tax office and provide the necessary documentation, such as proof of business registration and identification, and request the VAT ID.

Important! A tax number and a VAT ID are not the same. A tax number ist necessary to identify a tax account and to communicate with the tax office.

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