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Great Feedback

Dirk ia a great help and I definitely recommend. Navigating German bureaucracy is tricky even on a good day - so it's nest to leave it to someone who knows what is coming. Great service.

William V. T.

After co-working with many people, I can confidently say that Dirk provides fair, professional, and exceptional service. I can highly recommend Dirk and his services—much better service compared to the others. 100/100

Luka G.

Dirk made a thorough business plan in German for me, so that I can get a visa to live in Germany. He knew a lot about the behind-the-scenes aspects of german bureaucracy which I appreciated, like where I would need to register the business and ways German culture differs and so products I might like to consider, and so on. I'm happy with the end result and hope to work with him again soon.

Emily A.

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